gevent.ssl – Secure Sockets Layer (SSL/TLS) module

This module provides SSL/TLS operations and some related functions. The API of the functions and classes matches the API of the corresponding items in the standard ssl module exactly, but the synchronous functions in this module only block the current greenlet and let the others run.

The exact API exposed by this module varies depending on what version of Python you are using. The documents below describe the API for Python 3, Python 2.7.9 and above, and Python 2.7.8 and below, respectively.


As an implementation note, gevent’s exact behaviour will differ somewhat depending on the underlying TLS version in use. For example, the number of data exchanges involved in the handshake process, and exactly when that process occurs, will vary. This can be indirectly observed by the number and timing of greenlet switches or trips around the event loop gevent makes.

Most applications should not notice this, but some applications (and especially tests, where it is common for a process to be both a server and its own client), may find that they have coded in assumptions about the order in which multiple greenlets run. As TLS 1.3 gets deployed, those assumptions are likely to break.


All the described APIs should be imported from gevent.ssl, and not from their implementation modules. Their organization is an implementation detail that may change at any time.

class SSLObject[source]

The gevent-cooperative SSL object. See the version-specific documentation for details.

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