What’s new in gevent 1.4#

Detailed information on what has changed is available in the Changes for 1.4. This document summarizes the most important changes since gevent 1.3.

gevent 1.4 is a small maintenance release featuring bug fixes and a small number of API improvements.

Platform Support#

gevent 1.4 supports the platforms that gevent 1.3 supported, with the exception that for users of Python 3.4, Python 3.4.3 is the minimum supported version.

Test Changes#

gevent’s own test suite is now packaged as part of the gevent install, and the greentest/testrunner.py script is now gone from a source distribution or checkout. Instead, tests can be run with python -m gevent.tests. Many tests can be run given an installed version of gevent, although the test dependencies, including cffi, must be installed for all of them to run.