What’s new in gevent 1.5


This document is currently being written.

Detailed information on what has changed is available in the Changelog. This document summarizes the most important changes since gevent 1.4.

gevent 1.5 is a small maintenance release featuring bug fixes and a small number of API improvements.

Platform Support

gevent 1.5 drops support for Python 3.4, and drops support for PyPy < 7.

Packaging Changes

gevent now distributes manylinux2010 binary wheels for Linux, instead of the older manylinux1 standard. This updated platform tag allows gevent to distribute libuv support by default. CentOS 6 is the baseline for this tag.

Library Updates

The bundled version of libuv has been updated from 1.24 to 1.27, libev has been updated from 4.23 to 4.25, and c-ares has been updated from 1.24 to 1.15.

Version 1.16 or newer of dnspython is required to use the dnspython resolver.

Test Updates

gevent’s test suite has adopted the standard library’s notion of “test resources,” allowing users to disable certain tests based on their resource usage. This is primarily intended to support downstream packagers. For example, to disable tests that require Internet access, one could disable the network resource using python -m gevent.tests -u-network or GEVENTTEST_USE_RESOURCES=-network python -m gevent.tests. See Limiting Resource Usage for more information.

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