gevent.core - (deprecated) event loop abstraction#

Deprecated; this does not reflect all the possible options and its interface varies.

Changed in version 1.3a2: Deprecated.

This module was originally a wrapper around libev and followed the libev API pretty closely. Now that we support libuv, it also serves as something of an event loop abstraction layer. Most people will not need to use the objects defined in this module directly. If you need to create watcher objects, you should use the methods defined on the current event loop.

Note that gevent creates an event loop transparently for the user and runs it in a dedicated greenlet (called hub), so using this module is not necessary. In fact, if you do use it, chances are that your program is not compatible across different gevent versions (gevent.core in 0.x has a completely different interface and 2.x will probably have yet another interface) and implementations (the libev, libev CFFI and libuv implementations all have different contents in this module).


Never instantiate the watcher classes defined in this module (if they are defined in this module; the various event loop implementations do something very different with them). Always use the watcher methods defined on the current loop, i.e., get_hub().loop.

On Windows, this wrapper will accept Windows handles rather than stdio file descriptors which libev requires. This is to simplify interaction with the rest of the Python, since it requires Windows handles.